Anni's Latest Blog Posts:

New Work, New Show, New Audience

In my experiences, Fibre Artists have had a tough hill to climb, when seeking to be accepted into the general art world. It's seems to be changing somewhat, but still there are those who say it is "not really art." What do you think?...

The Joyful and Random Discovery of the Artistic Process

Sometimes, CFE constraints are useful; they can inhibit you or cause you to get stuck. Maybe the subject doesn’t excite you, for example, and it may stifle your creative process. This is where “random” and “joyful” play comes into the picture!...


MOA III MOA IIICompletion Date: 2020. Materials & Process: TBD. Dimensions: TBD. Shown: TBD...

Covid Crazy

I'll try to catch you up with this post, about a class I took back in April 2020....

Course Review: The Pale Rook

Focusing on her course successfully took my mind off the pandemic, at least for a little while. In each of the six weeks of her course was an exercise; diving into finding your own voice, to be able to create something unique to you, and not just a copy of her wonderful work....
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